Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Renewing My Driver's License (or Keeping Better Files)

One week from today is my birthday, which meant that my driver's license would expire that day. Several weeks ago I received notice from the Wyoming Department of Motor Vehicles that I could renew my license by mail.

I thought that was great! I filled out the paperwork, wrote out the check, photocopied the documents they wanted (proof of residence), and was ready to seal the envelope. Then I realized that I needed the vision capability evidence. My eye doctors are in Rapid City, 150 miles away, so having them fill out the form was not practical.

Therefore, I took the documents and the form and the check and went in person to the local Driver's License office. There I learned that under the new Federal rules I would have to have a lot more documentation. I needed my social security card, my birth certificate, and my marriage certificate, as well as the two forms of proof of where I live. Having a current driver's license didn't make any difference. So, back home I came and began the search for my birth certificate and marriage certificate. I wasn't even sure I had a copy of my marriage certificate. They required it because of the name change from my birth certificate to my social security card (which happened 45 years ago).

After a good deal of searching, I finally did find the marriage certificate. I had gotten the certified copy after Jerry's death, when I needed it for getting my Social Security allotment sorted out. Not being in a real normal state of mind at that time, I had forgotten about doing that. I was searching for an original copy, which I don't think we ever had, or, if we did, I used it to change my Social Security information and get a new card in my married name. After 45 years, memory gets a little vague about those kinds of details. Anyway, during my search I found a certified copy in a file with the death certificate.

So--finally, Anne Marie and I went back to the DMV and I got my renewal.

I am going to file these important papers a little more logically and clearly!


  1. I hope you find a better place to file them than where you left the car! :o)

  2. You were lucky that files were your only problem, Michelle. There are applicants that fail right after the eye exam. There are those that are so close, but in an unlucky twist, they fail the driving exam. The probability of failure is the reason why we need to prepare ourselves when renewing our license. If you have to take a refresher course, then by all means, do it. It’ll be so much worth it.