Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day

Yesterday was a beautiful Father's Day. The sky was clear, the temperatures were warm, and everything was green and growing. At church it was Darryl Lynde’s last Sunday as the Interim Pastor and, as usual, his sermon was touching, apropos, humorous, and emotional. He expressed some of the "Dad guilt" he felt, wishing he'd been a more perfect father. I think every parent feels that way. Looking back we see the things we could have done better, but, the truth is, most of did the best we could with what we knew and what we were at the time. I know Jerry always thought he should have done better--his kids thought he was a wonderful dad. They adored him, looked up to him, respected him, and had fun teasing him. 

What better gift for Dad than a good hug!

Megan's gift to her Dad. She draws a lot
of dragons, which in her fantasy realm are
companions to humans. This one is shown with
reins for its rider's convenience.
Chad is the dad in our little family circle these days. He and his daughter, Megan, are close and he is teaching her a lot of practical things. He is also very creative. Megan is constantly drawing and thinking up projects to make; there is creativity in both her parents. I wish I had taken a photo of a gift Chad just finished for a friend. He took a collection of tools, war medals, buttons, photos, and other items from a mementos box of her father's, and made a shadow box of these things that illustrated her father's life. It is way cool!

For Chad's Father's Day it didn’t really seem quite fair, but he bought Father’s Day dinner—he was in the mood for Kentucky Fried Chicken and With It. So, nobody had to cook and we had a relaxed meal. 

Later in the afternoon Megan made a red velvet cake topped with slices of strawberries from her own plants, which we enjoyed. (Anne Marie made a gluten-free chocolate cake for herself, so she wasn’t left out.) There were plenty of leftovers, so no one cooked for supper either!

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