Thursday, April 5, 2012

Things That Go Bump in the Night

Last night at about half-past midnight there was a terrific crash that sounded like it was right in my house. I hesitated a moment to see if there would be any further noises. All was quiet.

I got out of bed and went through my house, turning on lights as I went from room to room. I could not see anything that looked out of place. The only sound I heard was the barking of the neighbor's dog. That was nothing unusual. It barks throughout the night.

I had just about convinced myself that it must have been the noise of a train coupling another car to itself, though it had seemed a lot louder and closer than that. As I passed through the kitchen on my way back to bed I decided to check the laundry closet and the pantry, just for good measure. All was well in the laundry closet.

I opened the pantry door and the mystery was solved!

A lid rack where I store the lids to my pots and pans when they are not in use had fallen off the shelf. Why, after six years, they chose to fall in the middle of last night I do not know. But I do know that a collection of stainless steel lids falling five feet to a hard floor can make a shocking noise!


  1. i hate when things go bump or crash in the night! You were so brave to go check.