Saturday, April 28, 2012

History Just Keeps Repeating Itself

I've been a Bible reader since I was a child. Each time I read it I find new insights. What I see and understand is different at different ages and different life circumstances. I also read different translations. A little difference in choice of wording by translators can catch my attention and shed light to my understanding.

Reading the Bible as an adult focuses my thoughts on what I read in a way that is different from what I focused on as a child (the stories and adventures!).

One thing that is inescapable to me now is how human nature has not changed a bit in the last several thousand years (David lived 3,000 years ago; read his psalms and you will find his emotions very familiar).

Even the historical accounts have a very familiar ring to them. The same nations, the same tribal and ethnic backgrounds, are behaving in the same ways seen in the Bible. The same folks are still fighting with each other over the same territories. Thousands of years and they still have not learned to live in peace and stop the killing!

The prophets do, many, many times, give a message from the Lord that there will come a time of absolute peace and safety. Lord, we are so looking forward to that time!

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