Sunday, April 1, 2012

Palm Sunday

Today is Palm Sunday, a day with special meaning for those of us of the Christian faith. It is a day of remembered rejoicing, yet a day of sorrow. It is a day of sorrow, because the excitement of the populace over Jesus' arrival in Jerusalem led to an increased determination by his enemies to see him dead. Jesus himself stopped on the way into the city, at a place where he could overlook the city, and wept. He knew the present singing and praising and waving of palm branches was creating a path to the cross. He wasn't weeping for himself, he was weeping for the people of Jerusalem. Many believed he was a prophet, some believed he was the Messiah, some were undoubtedly just caught up in the excitement of others. But so many would reject him. And rejecting the path of peace that he taught, they would ultimately rebel against Rome, bringing utter devastation to Jerusalem. All this he saw as he was surrounded by rejoicing and praise. And so he wept.

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  1. The idea of Jesus crying is just heartbreaking, isn't it?