Monday, April 9, 2012

Lazy Day

Today has been a lazy day. There is no school today because of Easter break, so my granddaughter, Megan, spent an extra night with me. We have just taken the day to be lazy!

We have been reading to each other from the book Gone by Michael Grant. The theme of the book concerns what happens when everyone aged 15 and up suddenly disappears from a small southern California town. All the children from babies through fourteen are left behind. There is a "fence" rather like a bubble of power with a ten-mile diameter around the town. There is no communication to or from the outside world. And some kids have developed peculiar powers. How can they survive? They are in big trouble.

Unfortunately, I already know we aren't going to find out what caused this phenomenon in this book, because it is a three-book series. It is an interesting story. . .I'll just have to be patient!!


  1. Replies
    1. Gone by Michael Grant. I have since found out that it is planned to be a six book series. Only four books are out yet.