Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sleeping In

This morning I slept in. I realize this is not a particularly newsworthy event, but it is an appreciated event.

When I was young it was accepted common knowledge that the older you got, the less sleep you needed. Life experience has now taught me what sleep researchers finally figured out--it's not that we need less sleep when we age, it's that it becomes more and more difficult to get enough sleep when we age. There are a number of physiological reasons for this, but the upshot is that we senior citizens are often walking around sleep deprived. That's the reason we tend to doze off so often during the day!

This photo has nothing, really, to do with that, except it is a sleeping picture that always amuses me. I took it in 1969 when my first baby, daughter Anne Marie, was quite new. No one in our little family was getting enough sleep during that period, because she was not a good sleeper. One Sunday afternoon Jerry lay down to rest with the baby. When I looked in he was sound asleep with the pacifier in his hand. Little miss Anne Marie was, as usual, bright-eyed wide awake!

I am thankful for the blessing of sleep today.