Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Scattered Thoughts

Two years ago, when I started to blog, I tried out a few titles for the blog. The first few were already taken, and that is how I ended up with "A Wyoming Woman's Thoughts."

I've sometimes regretted that title. It makes me feel that I ought to have a lot of great thoughts to share. No such luck. It is just me, a woman of a "certain age" who loves to read, watches too much TV, works on projects from time to time, and loves flowers (strictly from appreciation of their beauty--no expertise in botany or technical names).

I called today's blog "Scattered Thoughts," because I have felt rather scattered of late. Here's what I've been doing. Just ordinary life for me.

I teach two small Bible classes, one on Sunday at church, one on Tuesday morning with a few other ladies. It is the same material for both groups, but they are not in sync. Sometimes it can get confusing--now what did I say to which group? So I prepare for each lesson twice.

I finally got back to work on the old photo album project and am making progress. Besides the fact that I work on it sporadically, it is time-consuming because I am scanning in the little old photos, then clean up the scans as well as I can with my limited skills, then decide what size to make them (big enough for me to see), what comments to print out for them, and then how to make up the scrapbook pages.

And, of course, I am always reading or listening to books. Usually I have several in the works. There will be the primary book that I will read straight through, and one or two or more that I have dipped into but am reading a bit at a time. I've been working on the Irish History for Dummies for the past few months, reading a page or two here and there. Over the past couple of years I've finished the Dummies histories of Egypt, Greece, and Rome. After Ireland, I have the European history volume waiting. Most of my reading is fiction, various genres, with non-fiction mixed in from time to time. Last week I had a hard time settling with any particular book and bounced between several.

I no longer drive, although I still have a valid license. My daughter worries about my vision; my biggest worry about driving is the fact that I occasionally have a sudden drop in blood pressure that makes me come close to fainting. So my wonderful daughter or my granddaughter (yes, she has her license now!) do the driving honors.

Today I scanned and worked on three photos from 1948 of the cute McLaughlin twins and their also cute cousin, Billy Tyrrell, so I will share them. These photos weren't dated, but, since the leaves aren't out on the shrubbery yet, it is early in the year. Billy would have turned two in December 1947 and the twins turned one in November 1947.

Billy has both a football and a package of cookies. He is sharing--the twins are each holding a cookie.

The kids are on the sidewalk in front of our house. The house in the background is the neighbors' house.
So, that is my update. I am so looking forward to when it gets warm enough to plant my deck flowers. It is usually not safe to plant here before the end of May. It has been a long, long winter--and there is a light covering of snow out there right now.

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