Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Few More Pics from '46

Here are a few more family photos from 1946.
The McLaughlin Family. We look like we are dressed for church. Mother and each of us girls have handkerchiefs with some sort of logo. We are carefully displaying them. I do not know what the significance is. There are several photos taken on this same day, but no one except our family appears in any of them. So who took this picture?
The snow is gone but the leaves aren't out yet.
Our Rogers cousins came to town, which we always enjoyed. We are lined up in age order. Popeye the dog got his head in the photo. From left: Kerry Lynn Rogers, Michelle McLaughlin, Gary Rogers, Grace McLaughlin, Larry Rogers, Terry McLaughlin, Glenn Rogers, Jr.
Our friends from Teckla School visited. From left: Lois Dorr, Michelle, Terry, and Grace McLaughlin, and Forest Putnam.
Forest, Terry, Grace, Michelle, Lois. I'm pretty sure the baby is Billy Tyrrell.

Okay, I think that is enough of 1946. I'm ready now to work on 1947, which has lots of cute photos of our family's new babies.


  1. Terry is wearing a top that was a gift from Vickie, Mother's Philipine pen-pal. I think she may have sent the handkerchiefs as well.

    1. Wow, I couldn't have remembered that. I do remember that Vickie sent a box of clothes made out of grass, but didn't remember the hankies. Now, who took the photo?