Saturday, May 10, 2014

Spring in Northern Wyoming

Years ago when we lived in Scottsbluff, NE, and Torrington, WY, we would come home to Gillette to visit in the spring and notice how far behind spring was in Gillette. It seems that every mile you travel south, the more advanced spring is!

We have early flowers, such as tulips, blooming in my daughter's flower garden and some trees and shrubs are putting out little leaves and flower buds.

But this is what the big cottonwood, our summer shade tree in the backyard, looked like yesterday.

We have been so hungry for green growth and for the long, long winter to be over that it is hard to be patient for all the trees to put on their summer clothes. And so many trees were damaged by the early, heavy snows of last September and October that it will be a mercy for green, leafy foliage to cover the broken places.

But all the moisture we've been getting has given us beautiful, green grass. I do love GREEN!

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