Wednesday, April 16, 2014

"Global Warming" 1947s Style

On Christmas Day of 1947 our mother took a number of photos--outdoors, of course, in those pre-flashbulb days. These photos did not turn out very well. I don't know if it was bad film, the film got some light on it when being removed from the camera, or some other problem. The camera was an old black box-style Kodak that had been given to Mother by a relative and all our growing up years were recorded with it.

Although the photos are less clear than she usually got, they are good enough to show that there was no snow that day and it was warm enough that we were outdoors without out coats. Even the twins, almost 14 months old, are having an outdoor tea party coatless.

The McLaughlin girls, Christmas 1947. We seem to all have new boots.

The Twins at their little table and chairs set. Nice day for a tea party! Too bad a light leak obscures so much of Brownie.
This view shows Brownie better, but, unfortunately, the camera jiggled.
The twins, supported by Daddy, standing on their little table. Such cuties!
Another print of the same photo got a little more of Daddy's face in it.
And here they are again. Looks like Brownie is telling Pinkie something.

(Remember 30 years ago when there were articles about how we were heading into a new ice age?)


  1. We got the majorette boots for Christmas and LOVED them. Even the twins got them. I don't know why yours are different. Maybe you wanted to be a cowgirl.