Monday, March 24, 2014

Visiting the Past

While my feet are firmly planted in the present, I always enjoy the visits to the past that photographs provide. So much would be forgotten without those pictures that freeze a moment of time.

I started re-doing our mother's old photo album over a year ago, because it was falling apart. Most of the photos aren't dated and don't have any name identification on them. Fortunately, I know who most of the people are. They are the people who populated my childhood. I removed the photos from the old album pages for ease in scanning them. The tiny size of so many of the old ones from the 1930s and '40s makes them hard to see detail, especially with my somewhat compromised vision. By enlarging them, I can see so much more.

A bonus to removing the photos has been discovering that Mother had written notes on the backs of a few. They seem to be the ones that she sent to her folks to see and then return and, later, the ones she sent to our father while he was away in the army. I love finding those notes from our young mother--I just wish there were more of them!

Today I will share more of these "noted" photos.

Dorothy Mackey and Rose McLaughlin. It must have been
a Saturday, because Mother has her hair pincurled and
tied in a scarf. This one didn't have a note, but its companion, taken
at the same time, does. This one just happens to be a little better quality.
Take two from that same day in 1945. the note on the back of the photo
reads: "Terry took these of me and Dorothy. Sweetie slipped in again.
Ain't she cute?" (I had to enlarge and lighten the picture to see that I
was, indeed, lurking behind Mother.)
On the back of this one, Mother wrote: "Gracie took this.
See my new shoes." I think this is probably from before
the leaves came out on the vine in 1945.
By the way, if you didn't know it was 1945, wouldn't Dorothy's hair and pants outfit look completely modern?


  1. I remember those shoes! They were red with a wedge heel. I think the wedge heel was very new and stylish at that time.

    1. I can't say I remember the shoes--glad to know they were red. And you were only six years old when you took this picture. Pretty good for such a little girl.

  2. Great stories and the pictures are wonderful classics. And I can see Debra in her mother and Billee in Rose.

  3. Great stories and the pictures are wonderful classics. And I can see Debra in her mother and Billee in Rose.