Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Plaid Skirts

Our mother was an expert seamstress, and she made a great many of our clothes when we were growing up. She even made great clothes for us when we were grown. On at least two Christmases that come to mind--when her daughters were all adults with children of their own--she made us clothes. That meant five outfits in varying sizes.

Going a little further back in time, I noticed that in several of the photos from the mid-1940s sisters Grace and Terry were wearing matching plaid skirts that were undoubtedly made by Mother. These skirts must have been favorites. As the girls grew, they could still wear the skirts. They did not get bigger around--they just got taller and the skirts got shorter!

So, here are a few of the photos starring the plaid skirts!

Grace, Michelle, Terry, Ronnie and Darryl Lynde.
Terry and Ronnie are wearing their rhythm band hats.
Michelle, Grace, Terry--don't know why Grace is wearing Terry's hat.
Here we are again, with our 3rd cousins, Harry and Eugene Prochaska. (I used this photo before here, in a different themed blog.)
The skirts look shorter, because the legs are longer!

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