Thursday, March 13, 2014

Bathing Beauties, May 1945 Style

My fellow bloggers:  Do you ever get confused over whether you have already blogged about a certain topic? Sometimes it's like someone else wrote those 249 posts beginning in March 2012. I just spent time scrolling back through all my blog's titles to check whether I had already blogged about today's topic. It felt like I had. Now I realize that is because I did a page for the old album with these photos!

The time is May 1945.

The place is the reservoir just down the hill from the homestead log cabin where our mother grew up and where our grandparents still lived at that time.

It was a very warm May, obviously.

If Mother were still alive I wouldn't dare share some of these pictures!

Terry, Michelle, Grace
(Our birthdays are in June and July, so we were almost
eight, four, and seven years of age.)
On the back of this photo, which was sent to Daddy, away
in the army, Mother wrote: "Look at Sweetie's toes. The ground burnt her feet. Later she waded in mud till her feet looked like great big overshoes."
("Sweetie" was a nickname of mine. I see that Terry also has her toes
trying to avoid the hot dirt.)
Mother and Dorothy Mackey.
Bathing Beauties view 2. Dorothy was our Uncle Bob's new bride.
Dorothy was 16 and Mother was 29 that year.


  1. I wonder if there would have been any homesteaders if they knew what the land looked like before going lol.

  2. I mean if there wasn't water in the reservoir you could make the arguement those were taken on mars... just add a little red tint.

    1. Black and white photos of prairie look like desert. But it is prairie and trees are always going to be scarce. You lived in WY long enough to know what prairie looks like in color--green in spring and tan/brown/yellow the rest of the year.

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  4. I do love that you are sharing these photos. Thank-you.

  5. Yes I do remember. Where the deer and the antelope play.