Friday, March 14, 2014

Home on Leave 1945

Before his group shipped out for the Philippines in 1945, our father, A.G. "Red" McLaughlin, came home on leave. (Can you guess where I am in my re-do of the old family album?)

While he was home, there was some picture-taking, especially while Elsie and Lee Tyrrell and Edna Prochaska were at our house. Lee had been in the Marines in the Pacific theater for a long time, and was finally home. Edna was cousin to Rose and Elsie, and almost as close as a sister.

Here are some of my favorite photos taken that day.

Rose and Red McLaughlin, standing by
Lee's car.
View 2
Red and Lee
Lee, Red, Rose, Edna. Clearly, Elsie took this one.
Red, Rose, Elsie, Lee. So, Edna took this one.
Michelle, Red, Rose, Terry, Grace
I don't know the date of the photos, but it was after the leaves were out on that vine that covered our front porch, and before the Fourth of July. The Fourth of July was my fourth birthday, and I still remember that my birthday wish was for my Daddy to come home. The war ended while Daddy's group was on the ship headed to the Philippines. They were in the Philippines for a few months. Daddy received his discharge and was home by February 1946. I believed that meant my birthday wish had come true!

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