Monday, May 20, 2013

Written from Wet and Windy Wyoming

I love sunshine. I always feel better when the sun is shining.
It's always good to see water in the rain gauge!

But today I am celebrating gray skies, rain spattered windows, cool temperatures, and even the gusty wind that is bringing those things to our part of Wyoming.

When drought has seared the prairies, when grasses green only briefly before retreating into brown dormancy, when fires race through the dry grass and sagebrush, and when every breath of breeze throws a fine dust into the air, then we long for water.

Will the rains we are now having bring enough moisture to officially break the drought? I don't know, but the thirsty ground is drinking it up and you can almost see things gaining greenness moment by moment.

So, while I look forward to the return of sunny, warm days, today I celebrate rain!

The lilacs under my kitchen window. (They are actually along the fence in our neighbor's yard, but I get to enjoy them.)

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  1. I am enjoying the life-giving rain here as well!