Thursday, May 9, 2013


Today was another trip to the Eye Institute in Rapid City, this time to check on whether the new medication schedule was doing the job. I was thoroughly bummed when the pressures were up in both eyes.

So now I have to try another drop once a day in addition to the three times a day one I am currently on. This new drop  will be the fourth drop we have tried. The first one quickly irritated my eyes. The second I used for several weeks and it helped keep the pressure down, but I was beginning to be allergic to it also--bright red eyes are not a great look. I hope numbers three and four in combination will do the trick. I'm supposed to go back for another check in two months.

On the way home I enjoyed watching the clouds as they moved across the sky, forming and reforming their patterns. I could see where there were rain showers falling in various areas in the distance. I hope some good showers visit us!

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