Thursday, April 9, 2015

An Afternoon Walk--With Geese and More

It was such a lovely afternoon, with clear skies, winds calm, and temperatures cool to mild, that it made a perfect time for a walk. Anne Marie and I walked around Burlington Lake again. This time I carried my little camera. I really should have brought my other camera, but the little one is just so easy to carry that I took it instead.

And then wished for more zoom power.

I handed the camera to Anne Marie for the photography work; she has better vision and a steadier hand than I do.

So here are some of the things we saw (and heard--geese just talk to each other constantly in loud voices).

This meadowlark flew up on the pole to keep and eye on us as we walked by.
This lineup of geese was grazing along the edge of the lake.
They were not in the least worried about us.
Those white things are pelicans having their afternoon nap.
These geese were grazing quite near the path, but began moving off as we neared.
When we returned home we did what my Dad used to call
"looking at the prospects"--in other words, seeing what was
growing in the yard and how it was doing.

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