Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Today is Tuesday

Tuesday means it is Ladies' Bible Study Day. Today was special because niece Tina was able to schedule a ride in the handicap accessible bus and join us.

We are a small group, but leading the lessons has a special joy for me. That is because these women actually read the book of the Bible we are going to be surveying for that day! They are so well prepared that I have to really make sure I am prepared (which is good for me).  Today's book was Daniel.

We have a concern because my sister Grace just learned she has cancer. From what little we know at this point, it should be very treatable. She has to see a specialist before she will know what happens next. But Grace is a faithful Christian and many, many more people than just our little study group will be praying for her

This is the most recent picture I have of Grace. (Sorry, Grace, that I wasn't a better photographer.) We were decorating graves for Memorial Day, and she had done
some clean-up, picking weeds.

I so hate that she has to go through this.

I know God never promised us trouble-free lives.

Our Bible studies have certainly underlined that fact--his greatest prophets and faithful servants met the greatest obstacles.

But Tuesday has given me joy in the midst of concern.

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