Saturday, June 7, 2014

A Little Something for Sister Grace's Family (And Anyone Else Who Is Interested)

Whew! I have, at long last, finished scanning and editing the last of the photos from my Mother's old album. The album had ended at about 1950/51, but a few extra pages were added that had a scattered selection from the '50s.

Among these extras were some photos taken the summer of 1953, which Grace spent in Texas with our Aunt Zudie and Uncle Bailey Thames. Aunt Zudie was our father's only sibling.

Aunt Zudie made Grace a lovely, full-circle dress, which she is wearing in the pictures. Grace was fifteen years old that summer.

Grace is holding Aunt Zudie's little Pekinese dog.

Edward Thames is our cousin, Conetha his wife. I don't know who the boy between Grace and Aunt Zudie is.

Aunt Zudie, Uncle Bailey, and Edward just acting a little silly for the camera.
Grace and Aunt Zudie. Aunt Zudie was named for a relative named Missouri, but who was nicknamed Zudie. Aunt Zudie's parents just skipped the Missouri and went straight to Zudie.