Thursday, January 10, 2013

I Wish. . .

I wish I had some brilliant (halfway intelligent, semi-interesting) thoughts to blog about today. Fact is, I have been having some restful days. I've been reading, listening to books through Audible on my Kindle, catching up on some TV programs I had taped, and doing a minimum of household chores. Right now I have the washer cleaning my laundry and the TV playing music for me. While I don't have much of a musical ear/memory, I do enjoy having music in the background of my day. Today I was in the mood for classical. Have no real knowledge about the classics, but from time to time they suit my mood.

I wish the predicted snow would begin to fall on poor dry Wyoming--good, wet, deep snow is badly needed. It may be inconvenient for human traffic and activities, but it is so critically necessary. We could use a winter like that of 1996:
Anne Marie, Chad, Mother, and Teddi the dog on a very snowy December 1996.

While I was finishing the book of Daniel recently, I came across a verse (part of the prophecy given to Daniel by an angel) that just tickled me. It so applies to governments and diplomatic conferences throughout the ages and across the globe. This is from the Contemporary English Version.
"The two kings will meet around a table and tell evil lies to each other."  --Daniel 11:27 
Yep, that pretty well sums up most of world history!

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  1. Yep...that certainly does apply to today's politics!