Monday, January 21, 2013

An Interesting Facebook Site

Recently I read a reference to a man who was planning to live for a year on an Alaskan island with just his dog for company. There were skeptical comments about whether he would succeed. Many people have tried such adventures, only to find the hardships too great and the loneliness too devastating. It sounded interesting, and I wanted to find out if this man actually carried through on his plan.

Every few days I check his Facebook page, and, yes, he is still there, living in the 9 x 9 cabin he built. He has a small woodburning stove in the cabin, but doesn't use it. The body heat he and his dog put out keep the temperature above freezing and he has acclimated so thoroughly that it is all he needs. Sometimes he even sleeps with the window open!

If you would be interested in reading how this modern Robinson Crusoe has done and is doing on his island, you can find him here.

I would hate living like he is living, but, I must admit, I enjoy the vicarious experience of it!


  1. Interesting. How long has he been there?

    1. Not sure--I'd have to backtrack his page, but it has been several months. He started long enough before winter to get his cabin built and supplies organized. He is definitely living a minimalist life.

  2. I am going to have to check that out.