Thursday, August 23, 2012

Reliving Yellowstone

I've been spending quite a few hours on the computer working on my photo journal of our trip to Yellowstone National Park. I took a great many pictures on the vacation (love that with digital cameras I can do that), and have been editing and selecting which ones to print. When I finish I will have a journal with narrative and photos. In concession to my various visual problems, I am sizing most of the photos quite large, which means I am already on page 19 and just finished day two! When I print this journal out, I'd better be well supplied with printer ink.

Since my head is still in our trip, here are a few more photos.

Looking down the face of the Buffalo Bill Cody Dam, located between Cody, Wyoming, and Yellowstone. The river was low below the spillway. I don't have any idea what that access point (?) near the bottom of the cliff is for.
West of the Dam is an area called "The Holy City"--someone thought the rock formations looked like ancient
Jerusalem. Anne Marie calls this formation "The Pope" and checks each year to see if he still has his head.

Storm clouds moving toward the Yellowstone River. Photo taken at the Nez Perce Crossing site.

This is the view looking toward the river; it was a surprise when we turned around and saw the storm clouds racing toward us. The river was much lower this year than in the past few years. The gravel bar shown here was completely under water last year. And it did rain heavily as we traveled on down the road.

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