Monday, July 9, 2012

Walking Pip

Pip and I pausing for a photo op.
This morning my granddaughter Megan and I went for a short walk with Pip. Pip is one of my daughter's family's chihuahuas. She is of a very sturdy build, and, I'm sorry to say, has gotten a little overly chunky. Since she is not really inclined to do a lot of running around for exercise when she is out in the yard, Anne Marie thought it would be good to take her for walks.

However, Pip had other ideas.

She freaked out when leashed.

So, Anne Marie got her a harness-style leash, which is built into a little jacket.

Pip still freaked. When Anne Marie tried to walk her, Pip would lie down. The walk turned into a drag. Pip won that round.

However, Anne Marie is not the type to give up easily. She worked with Pip, having her wear the jacket around the house, getting her used to it. The next step was the jacket with the leash. Eventually, Pip became desensitized to the contraption and no longer goes into panic mode.

Today was my first try at walking with Pip. She did great! She didn't like it if Megan got behind her, but, as long as Megan was on my other side or ahead, Pip was fine. We walked for a little more than 15 minutes. By that time the morning sun was growing stronger and Pip was starting to pant pretty hard, so we went back to the house.

But for an overweight girl with very short legs, she did very, very well!

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