Saturday, July 21, 2012

There Are Magical Things Living on My Deck

Mr. Frog, swinging by a sign of
Welcome, is the newest resident of
the deck.
My deck is home to many creatures besides my pots of flowers! There are fairies, a gnome, cats, a robin, and even frogs and turtles.

For the past several years I have collected garden ornaments. Some I bought just because they pleased my eye or my sense of whimsy. Others were gifts. They live together in a contented hodgepodge amongst the posies. Here are some of them.

The Guardian Angel watches over the child and her small animals.

This Garden Fairy, perched on a mushroom, watches
a ladybug on her hand.
This friendly gnome leans upon a lamppost that gives a glow of light to the deck at night.
Another fairy, who seems a little shy, hiding among flowers with flower for her hat.

The little girl with the watering can also has a light at night. To her left are Mama and Baby Turtle.

I love the expressions on the cats--and they never need a litter box!

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  1. My favorite is the fairy on the mushroom. She just looks so sweetly graceful.