Monday, July 2, 2012

Just Odds and Ends

This morning I went out about 9 o'clock to water my deck plants so they would be ready for another scorching summer day. This is the time of day I look forward to and love to spend on the deck with a book and coffee or iced tea. In fact, I look forward to this all winter.

I tried to get a photo showing the smoky sky--well, I got a view of the
neighborhood roofs! Smoke just doesn't show up very well unless it
is the dark gray or black variety. So, just trust me. It's there!
Bummer. By the time I had watered a half dozen of my plant pots I knew there would be no deck time today. The air was filled with smoke, which immediately started the itching in my throat and the tightness in my chest. I finished my watering and retreated to the house! This is becoming too much like the summer Yellowstone burned and, even hundreds of miles away, our air was smoke filled for weeks. Or a few summers ago when we still lived in the Black Hills and there were fires everywhere.

Last year we had a very wet spring, everything stayed green through most of the summer, and the grass on the prairie grew lush and deep. This year we are in drought conditions. The dried grasses from last year's great growth is now fuel for prairie fires. This just adds to the smoke blowing in from the more distant forest fires.

So, since I am stuck inside, I must try to get motivated to take care of some inside projects (not to mention chores). I'm tempted just to sink into a good book. . . .

No, I have neglected things for too long already! I need to get back to my old family photo project. I need to pay a few bills. The house needs tidied and vacuumed. I need to do a couple of loads of laundry. My windows need washed. I need to clear files and shred papers that are no longer needed. I need to sort out and throw away stuff that falls into that "I don't use it or wear it anymore, but there's still some good in it" category. I need to. . . .

Oh, my, I'm tired already. Maybe I should take a nap!

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