Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Storms of Dust and Rain

Another weather front barreled through northeastern Wyoming yesterday. Shortly after 4 p.m. the blast of wind hit the house, then my daughter, Anne Marie, called and said, "Look out the window!" I was working on a jigsaw puzzle and hadn't lifted my head to look when the wind hit, but I did then. Billowing clouds of dust filled the air. I grabbed my camera and started snapping photos through the windows, hoping the dust would show up. (The cross-hatching is the window screen.)

Later in the evening I heard the tapping of rain on the windows and roof of the house. I rather expected it to turn to snow before morning, but woke today to a calm, moist world that smelled deliciously fresh.

There was a tenth of an inch in my rain gauge--not a lot, but a blessing after the dryness of March and the dust that preceded it.

Ah, Spring!


  1. You missed the most dramatic part of the dust storm by the time I thought to call you. Sure was a wild ride! I'm glad you did't blow away up there...

  2. We about blew away down here as well with winds around 70mph! I saw a lot of shingles leaving their place of origin. All the dirt in the air sure made for a lovely sunset, though!