Friday, March 23, 2012

Sometimes it Takes Two to do One Person's Work

On Friday mornings my daughter and I volunteer as delivery people for the Blessings in a Backpack program operated by a local church. There are children whose families have trouble providing food for the weekends. During the week the children in these families eat breakfast and lunch at school. On the weekends they may go hungry. In cooperation with the church, business donors, private citizen donations, and at least 50 volunteers, backpacks are filled with enough food for a child for the weekend. The packs are delivered to the school, where they are sent home Friday afternoons with the participating children. There are eleven participating local elementary schools, with a total of 375 children being fed.

Delivering packs on a day when my son-in-law, Chad, was helping.
Our part is simple: pick up the plastic tubs filled with packs for our school, stack them on trolleys, wheel them to my daughter's truck, load them and the trolleys into the truck, unload them at the school onto the trolleys, wheel them into the school, stack them in a hallway, take the trolleys back to the truck, and go home. Pretty easy most of the time.

However...recently my daughter developed a very painful tendonitis in her right elbow. I have been having trouble with a little arthritis in my back. Lifting has become a problem! So today it took two of us to lift each plastic tub to load on the trolley, reload into the truck, unload onto the trolley, unload in the school. We felt rather silly and wimpy, as this is usually no big deal. But two acting as one got the job done!

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