Saturday, July 5, 2014

It Was a Good Day

Yesterday the USA and I both celebrated birthdays. It was number 73 for me. The USA is a bit older--238!

I am at a stage of life where I am very into keeping it simple. I don't want to spend the day in the kitchen and I don't want Anne Marie to either. (She did have to do a little cooking,) So our plan was to have a simple picnic-style lunch with a few friends. Life being, as it is, what happens while you are making other plans, it was just too hot to eat on the deck. Which was too bad, because all my flowers are at the peak of perfection and beauty. Then two people had to cancel--one for health reasons and the other for her dog's serious health problems.
Blowing out the candles. Fortunately, there weren't 73 separate ones!
This is me at 73. (I know that is not grammatically correct, but it rhymes!)
Our friend Gwen, whose primary job is as a surgical nurse, was spending the day as paramedic for EMS. She and her shift partner, Jeff, came by for lunch. It can be iffy on whether such personnel will be able to finish a meal before the next call comes in. It turned out to be a quiet day as far as medical emergencies were concerned. They had time to eat and we all sat around and visited for a few hours before they got a call and hustled off.

So, there was an ambulance parked in front of our house for several hours. I wonder what the neighbors thought!
And, just for fun, this is Megan. Yes, she is facing forward. She flipped her hair over her face and donned her sunglasses!

The Birdies went to the big fireworks show, but I was ready to stay home and go to bed. I did hear the big booms and explosions going on for quite awhile after I was comfortably abed.

It was a good day.


  1. I am glad you had a nice day, even if it didn't go quite as planned. It was nice for the city to organize big fireworks celebration for you once again. It is in your honor, right?

    1. I'm sure it is, even if they don't realize it!

  2. Sorry I missed the party. I'm glad you had a good day.

    1. I'm sorry you had to miss it. I hope you are doing better. Just a few more days.