Wednesday, July 30, 2014

It Happened at McDonald's

Judy and Ed, July 29, 2014
Jerry's cousin Ed and his wife Judy passed through town yesterday on their way to Glacier National Park. They had a long drive scheduled for the day, but took time out to meet us at McDonald's for a quick visit. It had been 19 years since I last met Ed and Judy, and I think the last time Anne Marie had seen Ed was in 1985 (he wasn't married yet then).

It was a very short visit, but so enjoyable! Ed works for the Salvation Army in Kansas and their two sons are now grown and pursuing education in the fields of their interest. Ed and Judy are such a fine couple that I wish we lived closer and could share our lives more often!

Ed brought with him a flash drive loaded with photos covering his family's history from his parents' marriage to almost current times. I enjoyed watching the progress of the family! And Jerry's family (Jerry's mom Emma and Ed's mom Marian are sisters) appears in some of the photos. It is always fun to see Jerry in his growing up years. There were also photos from Emma's funeral last month. In those photos we were able to "see" family members that we haven't been with in a long time.
August 1995: Ed, Judy, and their sons Nathan, and Jeremy
 at a family gathering picnic in Salida, Colorado

While we were sitting in McD's visiting, someone came up beside me and said hello--it was another friend I had not seen in a long time. She was back in town spending time with a friend, so we spent a few minutes catching up. I found out she is on Facebook also, so I sent a friend request when I got home so we can keep up that way.

It had been a long time since I had been inside McDonald's. Maybe I should go more often!


  1. I can certainly see a family resemblance between Ed and Jerry.

  2. I love catching up with people I haven't seen in quite some time.