Thursday, December 19, 2013

Lost in Bookland

For the past several days I have been lost. . .

lost in a world not quite like my everyday world.

It is part of the wonder of reading that ink on paper, or electronically produced words on a small device, can pull a person into a place that becomes very real and vivid in the mind.

Movies are great, and the technology that produces amazing special effects is mind-boggling. Most of the world seems to be hooked up to some sort of digital entertainment these days.

And I don't dislike these modern developments; I appreciate many of them a great deal.

But, for me, they cannot beat falling into the world a good writer creates with words--words that create brilliant mental landscapes. Words that make the world of the book more real than the mundane surroundings of reality.

I come from a reading family. My parents were readers, all six of their children have been readers, and the reading gene has gone through most of their numerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

And just because it is one of my all-time favorite photos, I will share this one with you.

Jerry reading to Megan when she was about four. They are at Grandma Rose's.


  1. We are so lucky that our little town had a wonderful library and our mother took us there from an early age. I loved, loved, loved going to the library. Even the smell of books is wonderful.

    1. Amen! Just the smell of the George Amos Memorial Library stirred my emotions to great anticipation.

  2. I miss him. I miss Grandma Rose. I even miss the black couch.