Friday, November 22, 2013

Those Silly, Sappy Christmas Movies!

All right, I confess, I am once again watching Christmas movies on TV to get in the Christmas spirit.

And, I'll admit, I do love a happy ending.

I do wish, however, that the writers/directors/producers of these seasonal stories that so often are set in small towns (do they think only small town people get carried away by Christmas?) had some clue as to what small towns--and small town people--are really like. Hollywood has a very distorted view of the rest of the country! They only know California and New York.

And I wish they would write for a little--just a little would be nice--higher IQ viewer. I watched one yesterday that was set in the mountains of northeastern U.S. The exact state was not named, but the town was formerly a ski resort. But they had no snow (global warming, ya' know) so were looking for some other source of income. Of course, the no-snow plot was a cover for the fact that the film was made in the summer. Now, even if no snow had fallen by Thanksgiving, they would have had fall. But, the trees were in full leaf, flower gardens were blooming, and the grass was bright green. They didn't even try to take shots that did not show that it was summer! Maybe I'm just being picky.

And while I'm being picky. . .most of these movies have a love story in them. And I am very weary of the post-2000 movies always showing courting couples already living together. Another movie I watched yesterday in the Christmas-genre was about a couple who had planned their wonderful Christmas wedding down to the minutest detail in the year since they had gotten engaged the Christmas before. Of course they were living together the whole time. It is just assumed that any couple that is even dating is automatically living together. It is a circular thing--some couples just live together so it gradually becomes acceptable and becomes the norm in entertainment media which feed the mindset that this is the norm so more couples think dating means living together and more people simply accept this as morally okay.

Those are my gripes. I rather expect I'll continue to watch Christmas-themed movies, though I wish for higher quality. Sometimes I'm just in the mood for sweet, sappy, happy ending stories.

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