Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Little Story from 1945

I worked yesterday just a little on my slow-moving re-do-the-old-album project. One of the things I did was scan and enlarge two of the old, tiny photos--1.5 x 2.25 inches. I definitely need them to be larger for my own viewing.

When I started this project, I removed the photos from the old book in order to scan the ones that needed enlarged and to reorganize them in a new album. Most of the photos have no date on them. A few do, and a few have writing on the back.
These had no date, but Mother had written on the back, which gave me the clues to when and why they were taken.

Take One: Edna Prochaska and Rose McLaughlin
Take One says: "I was instructing Eugene as to how to take the picture and he up and took it just as I started over to him."

Take Two

Take Two says: " Second trial."

The background in the photos plus the notes tell me that they were taken early in 1945, before the porch vine had leaves, and that they were sent to our father while he was in army basic training. This was during WWII.

Mother's cousin Edna was visiting with her two boys, Eugene and Harry. These other photos were taken the same day. Edna's husband, Joe Prochaska, doesn't appear in any of them, so I assume he was not there. I don't know if he was in the service. I did not turn four until July of that year, so I don't remember everything from that time!

Harry Prochaska and Michelle McLaughlin

Don't know if the original was blurry or if its just a bad scan!
Apparently, after the war the photos came home with Daddy and were added to the photo album.

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  1. I really love seeing these old photos! Thank you for sharing them.