Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Petunias Are Tough

Most years I can count on my flowers staying beautiful until the end of October.

This year we had our first big snowstorm the last week of September. The flowers survived it. A week later we had an even bigger snowstorm, one that has been written about in several blogs--and it was definitely a newsworthy event.

The zinnias did not make it this time.

The weight of over fourteen inches of heavy, wet snow mashed the plants, damaging their beauty, but those tough petunias are still keeping on! With the colder nights we are now having that won't last much longer, but the durability of these plants that look so fragile amazes me.

In full summer bloom.
Last Friday
On Sunday, after the thaw was well underway, I took some photos of my deck "people" emerging from the snow.
The guardian angel--still on the job.
The little girl with the watering can--I think she can put it away for the winter!