Friday, October 11, 2013

A Short, Sweet Visit

Today my sister Grace's daughter, granddaughter, and great-granddaughters came to town for a quick visit. My daughter Anne Marie and I went to Grace's to spend a little time with them.

Anne Marie came prepared with storybooks.
The little girls, Cordelia and Elise, have the best documented childhoods ever, due to their mother and grandmother both being bloggers. But I still took my own photos of them!

It was a short visit, as the girls (they'll always be girls to me) had to head home. They live a little over two hours away. A two-hour trip across Wyoming plains is a much greater distance than a two-hour trip in a heavily populated area.

Niece Tina entertained Elise with rides in the electric wheelchair.

Sue and Grace

Trying to get a photo of Elise was a challenge--a moving target.
While Elise socialized, Cordelia was mostly content to cuddle with Anne Marie--she was running a little fever and not feeling very well.

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