Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Lasered Again

Yesterday Anne Marie and I went to Rapid City for my appointment at the Black Hills Eye Institute for a laser procedure.

I have had this procedure once before. Its purpose is to create drainage holes to reduce the pressure in my eyes and stop the progression of glaucoma. It is not painful, it takes just a few minutes (I counted over 100 laser flasher per eye), and, for me, the results were immediate.

The only problem is that the body wants to heal. The last time I had this done the results lasted about 18 months. Because of my allergic response to all but one of the drops that reduce pressure, and that one variety of drops doesn't get my pressure quite low enough, it was time to try the laser again. Dr. Nixon has warned me that repeat laser procedures don't always work as well as the first time, but at least it is "so far, so good." A pressure check about thirty minutes after the procedure showed the pressure in my left eye had dropped from 13 to 10 and in my right eye from 14 to 12. Because of my eye structure and the fact that I already have glaucoma, and developed glaucoma while having pressures in the normal range, getting my pressures in a range that seems extra low is important.

The aftermath of the procedure is red and sensitive eyes for a day or so. It is rather like how eyes feel after a day with too much sun and wind. It is a small nuisance to experience in order to save my remaining vision.