Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Two Visits

This week I very much enjoyed a visit at my sister Grace's home, with her visiting son Mike, his wife Pat, and Grace's daughter Tina. Mike and Pat live in Florida and it had been two years since I had seen them. Tina lives in the same apartment complex that Grace moved into recently, which is great for them both.

Grace has downsized a lot in order to move from her house with the lovely big yard she created to a 600 sq. foot apartment. She does have a ground-floor unit with a small patio. Her unit is located at the end of the section of patio units and has a lovely private courtyard with lawn feel to it. I am so glad she has some outdoor space. She is surrounding her patio with planters and soon will have her own flower garden. Wherever she lives, Grace has the talent to make it her own distinctive place.

Grace, Mike, and Tina. I took a photo of Mike and Pat sitting on the sofa, but it did not turn out very well. I can't see the results on my camera screen very well--I thought I had  good one, but I'm pretty sure they would not thank me if I posted it!

The second visit was our annual visit to the cemetery to decorate family graves for Memorial Day. We have been doing this for many years. Some years there has been quite a large family group that gathered for this. Little kids have grown up, my mother and my husband are now among those whose graves we put flowers on, and no out of town family were here to join us this year. So my daughter Anne Marie, dear son-in-law Chad, my sister Grace, and I did the honors. Our cemetery is well kept and lovely, The sun was shining. It was a time, not of sorrow, but of memory.

Grace, at our parents' grave.
I am standing by Jerry's grave.

Anne Marie fussed at me about taking her picture. So, though she is a lovely woman, I'm not including the photo I snapped from a distance of her and Chad. (I don't promise to keep leaving you out though, Anne Marie!)

Later in the day we had a lovely rain. Wyoming always needs water to give us a green spring!

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  1. Out of town relatives weren't with you that day but Mike and I were there on Monday. It really is a beautiful place to enjoy good memories as well as to reflect on loss, depending on your needs at the moment. We weren't prepared with decorations so I just brushed off the stones. I am sure that was a senseless act as the first breeze would have dropped more of nature on them, but it gave me a way to feel I was taking care of the site honoring so many people that I have loved.

    Thank you guys for doing this act of respect each year.