Saturday, August 17, 2013

Lazy Time

I've been lazy about blogging lately. I've made notes on Facebook, but haven't gotten my brain together to actually blog.

I'm still rather in that state!

I'm very disappointed that the most recent drop added to my treatment routine for glaucoma, and which seemed to be working, has now become an irritant. It took about three weeks of using it to develop the sensitivity, but I'm definitely allergic to it now. This makes three or four of the glaucoma drops that I cannot use.

I have been reading (or listening) to books. A lot of books.

I have watched some TV, although summer TV hasn't got much of interest on. I'm burned out on news, so just check headlines for the most part.

I am mostly a prisoner in my house with the air conditioner, because there is a lot of smoke moving in from somewhere, and smoke is death on my bronchials.

My granddaughter and I went out to lunch today, which is something we have enjoyed doing together for many years. She  will soon be sixteen, and is becoming a very busy young lady.

So, I'm just coasting along. With the asthma I don't have much energy and am certainly not getting my projects done. Just a bit at a time.

Well, that's where I am.

I certainly hope I will have more of interest to write about next time. My body and brain are both in Lazy Town!

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  1. That smoke is getting to me as well. I seem to cough every time I go outdoors.