Wednesday, June 19, 2013

More From the Old Album--1945

I have written here before about some of the events of 1945. This was the final year of World War II. Our father left for basic training early in the year. He was home on leave after basic and before he shipped out for the Philippines. In September Mother began a country teaching job. That was described in the blog referenced above. I turned four that summer.

Since I have already blogged about the big events from my memories of 1945, I simply include here a few more photos from that year. (If I use some photos I've used before, I'm sorry. I've gone through and sorted out these photos so much that it becomes hard to keep track.)

The original of this photo is very small and dim. I did the best I could with it. I like it because
of Grace's big gap-toothed smile! We are at our grandparents' place.
Home on leave. Daddy is looking very trim and fit after basic training!

Third-Cousin Harry Prochaska and I. Sadly, Harry was killed a few
years later in a car/bike accident.

At the Mackey place. Rose with a young horse; Grace and Terry on the corral railing.
It is too bad the horse came out better than the people!

This was a favorite picture for me--Mother posing in a formal gown of her sister
Elsie's. Then I learned that the formal gown was actually Elsie's nightgown!
I guess they were just having fun; and it was quite a fancy nightgown.


  1. Replies
    1. It just occurred to me that I was then the same age Cordelia is now. I turned four on 7-4-45, halfway through that year.

  2. I remember Mother sewing that dress with all the lattice work at the shoulders and pockets.